Powerful new tools for better fleet management.
FleetSMART™ is a suite of technologies that make fleet management more efficient and cost effective. Our tools generate actionable data, inform better decisions, and help our customers succeed.

WheelRight: Capture key tire data in 6 seconds.

Our breakthrough drive-over technology reduces ERS events by flagging problems before the vehicle leaves the lot. All data is instantly distributed and logged to the fleet database. Customized reports help reduce tire costs and improve budget forecasts. LEARN MORE

FleetVendor: Streamline vendor processes with online estimates and invoices.

Eliminate the cost of mismatched paper invoices from multiple vendors with FleetVendor. Your vendors submit electronic documents according to your specs, eliminating inefficient data entry. Processing is standardized and automated, saving time and money. LEARN MORE

FleetProfile: Define, implement and control your service program—fleet-wide.

Our exclusive platform allows managers to specify services, products and maintenance schedules, ensuring consistent service wherever your trucks go.

Let us help you more efficiently manage your fleet.