Our retreads offer an alternative to new, for 40% less.
The safety and performance are comparable to new tires, and the savings add up.
Retreads save money, energy and resources.
Manufacturing a new tire takes a lot of material and energy. When you reuse a casing, you’re helping not only your company, but everybody. Millions of scrap tires get new life, instead of being sent to the landfill.

More than one way to retread a tire

We offer two leading retread programs, including MRT® from Michelin®.
Which program you choose depends on your particular needs, but both provide cost savings and performance.

• Proprietary 9-step process.
• Uniform, high quality results.
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•  Value with quality.
• Top-quality process.

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located.
Their number and locations ensure fast delivery.
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Our retread capabilities—by the numbers.

Tires per day capacity
Million lbs. of rubber per year
Retread Plants

Reports help you keep track of your tires and your savings.

You’ll get regular reports to keep you up to speed on the whole process.You’ll know how many casings are in process, how much scrap you’re generating, and other pertinent information.

Our system tracks tires throughout the process.​

Every tire that enters our system is tagged with a barcode and monitored through the whole process. Our management software means we can provide quick turnaround and assurance of quality.

Ready to retread?