The gold standard in retread technology.
Michelin® developed its proprietary MRT® process to deliver more precision and greater quality control than any other method. We partner with them to offer this exclusive technology to our customers.

Here’s what separates MRT from the rest.


Keeping track of all the casings.

This 3-step process identifies structural problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

Computer-Controlled Radial Buffing

Precise, even buffing and optimal undertread thickness promote long life.

Builder Balance Improvement

Optimal placement of tread and cushion joints ensures longer life.

Pre-Mold™ and Custom Mold™ Cushion Extrusion and Tread Building

Proprietary techniques result in more secure bonding and faster curing time.

Keeping track of all the casings.

Every casing is different—with a particular manufacturer and usage history. We keep track of all that crucial information with Michelin’s BibTread™ application. Using specs and bar codes, we know the story of every casing that goes through the process, including how many times it has been retread. Casing asset management (CAM) is an integral part of our retread service.

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